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Okay, okay, so I lied to you. I didn’t mean to, but I went and did it, and now you’ll probably never trust me again.

It all started with me forgetting that I had plans with Whitney. Actually, I don’t think I forgot. What I believe happened was this; I said something like, “Hey, Whitney, we should do something after next Friday, because that’s my payday.” And what I believe she heard was, “Hey Whitney, lets’ do something on Friday…”. So I really don’t believe that I forgot I had plans.

But I digress. I texted Whitney yesterday, and I said, “So when are we going to get together for our date?” The response was “How about 8:30?”


Right. So last night, instead of faithfully sitting here like a good little blogger, I went and had drinks on a patio. Oh, and a nice, big, fat, juicy Buffalo chicken wrap with caesar dressing. Yum. And you can’t get mad at me, because, after all, it was payday.

So… a list of 20 things I enjoy doing…

1) waking up on Sunday mornings with sun on my skin and a fan blowing on me, and the smell of morning grass coming in through the window… watching the sun move across the bedspread, and knowing I don’t have to get out of bed at least until the next chapter is done… ok, maybe the next one… well, just one more.

I did this last summer, but it’s really a summer thing only, so it’s coming.

2) having a long, long, very hot bath with a good book, some pickles, apple slices, and sharp cheddar cheese

The day before I moved out of my last house, so September 31. Yeesh, I wish I had a bathtub. It is the single most aggravating thing about living in my house, now.

3) doing my laundry and crawling into a clean bed after the aforementioned bath.

See above…

4) eating peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches in the rain under a giant conifer, with cows nearby

This would have been before my European trip in 2002, I think in March or April, probably, because it was just starting to get not-so-cold-ish. I had a peanut butter and dill pickle sandwhich yesterday, though. I didn’t see any cows. And it didn’t rain.

5) holding my dog’s feet as I fall asleep

I did this last night! 🙂

6) travelling – eating bread-and-mustard sandwhiches in the rain near a carousel is one subcategory here, I just remembered

The last big travel was to Europe, 2002. The sandwhich was in Nice, France, near some tiny market, on some random street. I had a beachball with the world map on it with me.

7) camping – eating smoky hot-dogs in the rain, under a tarp and listening to the tap-ta-tap over my head (okay, not everything involves soggy sandwhiches, but I seem to have some decent memories of eating in the rain)

This would have been last summer, I think. An impromptu camping trip in which we forgot to bring fire, had to ask a neighbour to start one for us, and when he said “It’ll cost you a beer”, embarassedly inform him that we hadn’t brought any alcohol to drink, either. We offered him a hotdog, but apparently a soggy weiner is just not the same thing as a cool beer.

8) learning anything

I do this all of the time. Yesterday I learned some things about Whitney – I’m going to have to keep a closer eye on that one! 😉

9) going to the movies and eating enough popcorn with sour cream and onion dressing to give a mule a heart-attack

Wall-E. September.

10) riding a dinghy down the Elbow river with a nice, big watermelon, and spitting seeds at the ducks.

The summer before last. I’m upset that I didn’t do it last summer.

11) walking Biggs at the Southland dog park – he’s such a ridiculous caricature of a beagle, sometimes, howling along on this stumpy little legs at top speed, utterly frustrated that he just can’t keep up to the big dogs. If you’ve ever had a beagle, you’d know how completely ridiculous they look when they do this.

Last summer, too. Man, I depend a lot on the summer.

12) getting dressed up, but the kind of dressed up that makes you feel eclectic and cool

Every time I wear my purple pants. 🙂

13) getting dressed up, but the kind of dressed up that’s usually only acceptable at Halloween

Masquerade party last Friday. I wasn’t extremely dressed up, but I did get to paint my face and sport a faux-hawk, and that’s always a good time.

14) cracking open a new book that you just know is going to be fantastic, and taking a deep whiff of that ink-on-paper smell. Used books have a distinct and delicious smell, too.

About once a week. Just finished “Infidel” and opened “Brain Fuel”, which isn’t a real reader of a book, it’s more of a on-the-bus or maybe on-the-toilet book (haha – don’t pretend you don’t know, because I won’t believe you and Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers would cease to exist), so I’ll soon be cracking one entitled “The Brain that Changes Itself”.

15) running – any point past 20 minutes is just euphoric

Last week, before my dad’s visit. I haven’t seemed to be able to squeeze 1/2 hour out of a day since. Maybe tomorrow. Or the day after that.

16) shooting the s#*! with friends over a drink or two, especially friends I can be goofy with
Last night.

17) cooking a real, fan-tabulous meal, especially with a recipe I just made up

Last Monday night, and again tonight! 🙂

18) organizing, sorting, and de-junking – it’s refreshing when you’re doing it, but it’s hard to start

Last Friday.

19) getting up early (even though I hate getting out of bed) enough that I don’t have to rush around like a dervish.. then spending so much time at the computer that I rush around anyway


20) swimming – but the kind of swimming that you can really only do alone – when it’s your world. As a kid I used to take lessons and I was constantly getting in trouble for not paying attention – I was busy swimming around, under and between the other kids, because I was an otter, and otters don’t pay attention in class.

Definitely over a year ago. I think even over two years ago. The best part was throwing a soccer ball at Javier’s head. I’ve never met someone so like a seal and yet so like a goat before. 🙂




I’ll pick two of these to do this week a bit later. I haven’t decided if the BBQ tonight is allowed to count, since I am going to do it anyway, no matter what the list says…



Oh, yeah! Tonight I am having a BBQ at my house. I am going to be making the most delicious Salmon burgers you’d have ever tasted in your life, if you were invited. Maybe you should get in touch with me a bit more, if you want invitations to the best Salmon burgers ever. Because you really are missing out.

Here’s the recipe:

2 x 213g cans of Salmon in water, drained

3/4 c water

1 pkg (120g) Stovetop

1/4 c mayo

2 tbsp lemon juice

1 c mozza cheese

1/2 c chopped green onion and cellery

Mix above, cover and refrigerate for about 10 minutes.

Heat a frying pan or the BBQ to medium heat, and shape about 1/4-1/2 c of the mixture into patties. Cook about 3 minutes each side, until lightly golden.

So simple, and yet so delicious!


THESE are accumulating at an alarming rate (I’m going to have to devote my next day off to this – oh wait, that’s next Saturday):

Standby task : Add 5 more lives to my “alternate lives”

Standby task : Think of a way to capture part of the experience of one of those ten lives, and make plans to do it.

Standby task : Determine which percentage of my life I typically give to the following:

– spirituality

– excercise

– play

– work

– friends

– adventure and romance

Are they even? Why or why not? Which areas do I wish were a priority? Do I need to balance them more effectively?

Standby task : Think of ten tiny changes I could make, numbered in importance from one to ten : resolve to make one change this week

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