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Standby task : Determine which percentage of my life I typically give to the following:

Spirituality : 5% – that that includes this blog

Excercise : 5% – which includes the amount of physical activity I get at work. I need to start walking/riding to work again now that the weather is improving.

Play: 15%

Work : 45%

Friends and family : 20%

Adventure and romance :10% – mostly because this gets lumped in pretty often to play and friends.

Are they even? No

Why or why not? Partly, I tell myself that it’s because I need to work to exist. The real truth is probably that with more time devoted to working smart instead of hard – for example, getting a part-time job that paid more – would allow me to have more time to devote to other things.

Which areas do I wish were a priority? I don’t know if I wish that any of them were specifically a priority right now. If I had a job that I was more proud of, I know that it would become a greater priority. I also often don’t feel that I have a “real” family – by which I mean that I don’t have one immediately in my life at the moment. This too, would be different if I lived closer to my parents, or if I were ready to start a family of my own. And again, I have felt that these need to wait until my work life is more settled. I do place a very large importance on work for my happiness, and it’s been some time since I have been satisfied with my work… maybe I should be looking at improving other areas instead of remaining so… unsettled.

Do I need to balance them more effectively? From that last rant, I’d have to say “yes”.

Standby task : Think of a way to capture part of the experience of one of those ten lives I wrote about, and make plans to do it.

Standby task : Think of ten tiny changes I could make, numbered in importance from one to ten : resolve to make one change this week

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