There are going to be two posts this morning, because I have a lot swirling in my head.

Five Simple Pleasures in my life:

1) Waking up and saying “goodmorningbaby”. This invariably results in a series of yawns, stretching, face-licking, and tail wagging from my hairy counterpart.

2) Hot hot hot hot hot wings and lemon juice. I don’t know if there is anyone else out there who loves this, but it may be one of God’s greatest inventions. Try it. Go to a pub on a ten-cent wings night (or, at Donegal’s, they also have a one-cent ribs night which is just about as good and a whole heck of a lot cheaper); you won’t regret it. And, if the wings are so spicy that the sauce fumes make your eyes water, you’re in good shape.

3) Getting text messages. I am not, like some of my texty friends, an uber-texter. On an eventful day, I will send out more than 3, but I have never exceeded the allotted number on my monthly plan, I’ve not even come close. Not even to the half-way mark. Once or twice, I have had to empty my inbox because it’s full, and that is usually a big surprise to me; I usually delete them to get rid of the evidence. But, when I do get a text, I just love knowing that someone was thinking about me. It makes my day. One of my favourite things in the world is that Emily texts me most mornings to say “Hey, I can pick you up today” at eight o’clock. It’s one of the most adorable things in the world, and I actually like the text more than the ride. She loves me!

4) Unintentional learning. This is different than reading a book of strange facts, which I do frequently (right now it’s Brain Fuel, which is good, but makes assumptions on your previous knowledge – they can be pretty technical, but it’s good) – it’s the moments when you have a friend say “I love the smell of rain”, which someone counters with “That’s ozone”, and then another pipes in, “No, it’s the wet dirt”… and then you just have to go and google it. Well, you do, if you’re anything like me. I Google everything. I actually don’t know how humans existed without it! It’s bacteria, by the way. Google it and see. Or skip a step and go here You won’t regret it. Oh, but don’t just Google your ailments – there’s a lot of hocus pocus out there. See a doctor. For example, lima beans won’t  help your cancer, although the internet is full of information that say they can. I learned that in Brain Fuel.

5) Ok, so Biggs comes up twice. The way he cocks his head when you talk to him. Apparently I do it too, when I don’t understand what someone is saying. I don’t know if he does it because I did, or I do because he does, or we both just do what we do when we do it… but it’s adorable when he does it. When I ask him to find something, he cocks his head, thinks for a second, and then he’s off to grab the item. My favourite things to say are “Bigsby, where’s _____?”, “Biggs, you wanna go ____?”, and “Hey, what do you ____?” . Nothing beats it.