All of these things that I’ve held onto since the time I was at least 15. Photos, sketchbooks… all of these things that I have showed to very few people over the years… or, if I have showed them something, it was really only to share a part of it with them. And so I am currently throwing out anything that I haven’t wanted to share.

A couple of nights ago I went through my photo albums with a friend, and tonight I RAZED them. This means that I am not taking the time to think “hmmm… do I want to keep this?”. I have NEVER EVER thrown out this much paper. The other day I also went through my old paperwork, essays, school assignments, notes… pretty much everything. I am a whirlwind who is likely to give you a papercut.

Some of it is hard, some of it easy. Some of the photos bring such bad memories that I have NO IDEA why I’ve kept them. And the sketchbooks…. that’s like showing someone the rocks you managed to cross and the places you slipped on the way across the river… they were good to hold onto for a time, but now, it’s just looking way, way back.

As such, I have no time at the moment to blog. I also have laundry on the go! Ciao!