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This is harder than it looks. I don’t know how some people can do it every day!

I think I have to get rid of the task pages and just focus on doing what I can, here, because it takes up waaaaay too much time to update everything, and then I get frustrated and don’t want to do any posting at all.

Today was my first day as a Sales Leader at my job. It was an interesting change of pace, and I really had to focus on being extra friendly to the customers, which, if you know me, you know is not my forte. But it was nice and I left with a smile on my face, so it must have done me some good. I wore my new, pointy shoes, and my feet about died, but they didn’t blister, so I think everything will be fine.

Today I am going to tell you five friends who nurture me. These are people who support me, no matter what; people who are great to have in my life:

1) My Mumsy. Of course my Mumsy. Always my Mumsy. I can’t think of a single time during my life when she wasn’t there, rooting for me 100%. I have never, ever loved anyone more, and I never will. I don’t need to say alot about her and I, because I have never felt such a kindredship with anyone in my life.

2) My Granny. The same goes for her, although she had to do it from a distance. This woman forgave me through two generations of understanding for the young, crazy things I did, and never once doubted me. I can hear pride in her voice when she writes to me, and nothing in the world is more special to me than her handwriting, no matter how much she hates it as it gets shakier. To me that is absolutely precious.

3) Neil. Neil has never had any responsibility towards me, but from the moment he came into my life, Neil has cheered just as hard as my Mum, and I love him for it. Neil is another father to me, and I am his daughter, in that we are so proud of each other, because I am proud of him, too. He is a gracious, generous, and wonderful man. I am lucky that Neil came into my life.

4) My Dad. Until recently, I wouldn’t have put him in here. I didn’t really know that he was rooting for me, because he was doing it quietly, and in absentia. I am just getting to know him, but I am starting to learn that he is pretty wonderful, too. I wish I had known him more when I was younger. I wish he had pushed and fought for me. But he’s doing that now, and everything’s not quite patched up – it’s still awkward at times – but he is starting to learn to express his love, and it’s pretty great.

5) My girls. Becca, who is probably as close to a sister as I could ever get. We were happy together, sad together, depressed together, crazy and fun together. Becca is my family away from family, the one person who I have been able to tell absolutely everything to. We’ve had rough patches and smooth patches, and sometimes they didn’t overlap, but I miss her all of the time. I’m glad she moved for the reasons she did, but I wish she was still close by to me. Emily. I never thought I could be such great friends with a girl, never mind a girl who is so much younger than me. But this girl is a great friend, and wise, and sometimes very dramatic. She is one of the first girls I’ve known who truly like me for me, without having to change anything… maybe because she is so much like me. Whitney, too, because she’s been just fantastic about accepting me the way I am. These three, together, are teaching me to allow myself to be more expressive, more vibrant, and more Christa around other people. I’ve got a way to go, but wow, is it ever fun to “come out of the closet”, so to speak!

So there you go! I have this sneaky suspicion that I am probably forgetting someone, but these are the first five to pop into my head.

And I’m not going to curse my return to blogging by spending too much time doing this! Adios, amigos!

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