Ok, I haven’t been posting my tasks lately, so I thought I’d share a couple of the ones that I have gotten done this week.

1) I wrote 5 postcards to 5 people I haven’t been in great touch with, but who mean the world to me. Now I just have to mail them… I’ll try to do that today.

2) I threw out 7 pieces of clothing (well, actually, they became Bigg’s new bed) that I haven’t worn in ages.

3) Sorted all of my old paperwork, essays, and projects into appropriate binders and labelled them.

4) Invented a new dish*

5) Found a house to possibly move in to (doing a tour of it tomorrow)

6) Got all trained up as a manager, performed an open and a close all on my lonesome

7) Downloaded new music to listen to on my ipod (481 songs!) which has been needed for quite a while

Today’s Task is to “Change something in the house”. I’ll also be making a silly hat for a woman at work – it’s her last day, and one of her catch-phrases has been “you could wear this as a hat” – so I plan to force her to wear it during her shift tonight.



* Christa’s Orzo Extraordinaire

One small bag of orzo

One litre chicken stock

One tomato (actually, I wish I had used two)

Green onion

Red pepper


Basil, Thyme, Oregano, and salt to taste

Boil orzo in chicken stock until slightly under-cooked. At the same, fry chopped tomatoes in a non-stick pan. Add Orzo to fried tomatoes. Throw in remaining vegetables. Season to taste, cover and stir occasionally until brocolli has reached desired tenderness. Enjoy!