… is what I said today to some 70 + items I’ve been holding on to for the last few years …

I have spent some time today on myself, which is nice, for a change. I got up at roughly 10, cleaned and threw out a bunch of stuff (I can’t believe how much junk I have managed to accumulate in the 8 months I have lived here), hid my dirty dishes because I just hate doing them, vacuumed, changed my bed up and got it smelling all nice and sleepy, got all done up and tanned, went for a bike ride, rode in to work and made a silly hat for Lori, snagged a sweet outdoor settee for any new place I might have, rode around for about another hour (randomly – just to see if I still have a biker’s stamina), got some groceries, came home, walked Biggs, came home, read on the porch for about an hour in the sun (thank goodness it’s finally back!), spent some time on the computer, and now I am headed out for a run.

How was that for a run-on sentence? I’m having a great day, and I’m a bit sad it’s almost over! Now I am headed out for an evening run, sans Biggs, who always manages to trip me and make me break stride, poor guy! I love him to pieces, but I do wish he was one of those dogs who trots gently alongside his jogging mistress, instead of one who insists on darting hither and thither, stopping suddenly when something catches his nose, or taking off suddenly after any random cat/dog/bird/person with whom we cross paths.

I am on my first day of FOUR (that’s right, I was wrong, earlier, when I said three) days off… anyone want to take me out of town for a few days? I’m game! If I don’t head out of town, let’s see if I can not go crazy!