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Coming through! It’s mostly settled that my boyfriend ūüôā and I will be heading to Kamloops around the second week of September. We’re just figuring out schedules, and the dog (whether or not he will come and who can babysit him if he doesn’t), and trying to keep our heads from floating away. I’m a bit leery about leaving Biggs for a week, but we’ll see – it would be a lot easier to leave him, so that we can stop at the hot springs, go to restaurants, shopping, etc.

I’m excited to see my family and friends, especially Glenn, who has a brand new little baby named Summer. I’m also very excited to go camping, and I’m hoping I can remember¬†how to get to my favourite spot on Adam’s Lake. I’m practically salivating, thinking about Pachos and a Leprechaun Urine Sample from Kelly O’Brien’s. I want to show Eric the dusty hills and keep saying “that’s where _____, and that’s where ____!”

It’ll be nice to go home, even if it’s not really home!


Man, I don’t know about you, but can I ever get distracted!

I’ve had a lot to think about at work, with our new event, “Associate Celebration” weeks, and Melanie being gone – who, by the way, just got engaged to two days ago in the building which was the founding place of Canada… I would insert some kind of neat info here about that building, but I can’t remember a single thing about it, except that it’s east of Saskatchewan. I feel that Canada doesn’t have the most thrilling history. At least, in comparison to other places. Like Pompeii.

It feels like I worked the last 11 days, even though it’s only been since the 14th, and I’m looking forward to having tomorrow off. I have no plans, except to spend some time re-ordering the chaos that I call home, and throw some more things out. I have oh, so much stuff. And it’s all just that – stuff!

I’ve been distracted by the dog, by laundry, by neighbours and friends, by music, web cams, potatoes, karaoke and books. Landsakes!

Also, I’ve been distracted by a boy – the good, fluttery kind of distraction. He’s pretty amazing. I can tell you more later. *blush* Heck, I’m talking about him in my blog!

I spent some time perusing design magazines on my lunch break, and boy-howdy, am I ever starting to get impatient to have a nice place with nice things (and adequate closet space)! It’s funny how living in a basement can make you feel like an afterthought. Like a secret. Or the troll under the bridge. Or one of those bugs that lives under rocks and rolls up into a hard little ball when exposed to light and air. Just as an example.

Tomorrow I’ll go out and read in the sun for a while, and try not to roll up into a ball.

Peace! ūüėČ

I hate waiting.

I hate waiting for people, for a job to crop up, for friends to call me back… etc.

(But, ironically, I am notoriously late for everything. I blame my jam-packed schedule, most of the time.)

Today I have… wait for it… three days off in a row.

Imagine what that does, to a person like me. Now, I find myself waiting for everything. I somewhat expect to be called in to work tomorrow. But if I’m not, I honestly won’t know what to do with myself.

I am currently waiting for a friend to pick me up. It’s her boyfriend’s UFC party, for which I have prepared a menu liken to none other. It’s pure fatty goodness. We are to go and get the groceries, and I will spend the day cooking for everyone. I don’t know her boyfriend that well, but these recipes are a sure-fire thing. It’s not anything stupendously amazing, but it’s a sure thing.


I am waiting.

At the back of my mind, for the last couple of days, I have had to notion to do a “6 degrees” experiment, and I am tempted to start it now. This means I would choose two random words, and try to find the most interesting paths between the two. Similar to a project I had in first year of ID.

Waiting = no stimulation.

No stimulation = boredom.

I can’t stand being bored.

Six degrees starts now.

Since I was about 18 and putting thought into my first tattoo, I have always intended to get one that reads

“Ars longa, Vita brevis”

This is something I gleaned from my interest in Latin, and means “Art is long, Life is short”. Over the last eleven years, I haven’t shaken the urge to get this somewhere, somehow, but have never really sat down to designing it.

Assuming both that I will get this (no real plans for it yet, just musing it over), and assuming that you are not diametrically opposed to me having yet another tattoo, where do you think I should stamp this, and should I jazz it up, or just use a really fan-freaking-tastic font?

I lean towards a clean font, quite small, somewhere that I can hide relatively easily. Either that, or nice, big Gothic font letters in an arc over my stomach. Haha.. right.

Now I have to run to work!


I have no intention of finishing up that post, except maybe to update that timeline, which I just don’t have time to do at the moment. I’m sure you are pained.

In the spirit of lying, here¬†is what is probably the most spectacular lie I’ve ever told:¬†In elementary school, I told my friends that I could communicate with dogs. Then, to prove it, when a dog was barking, I would bark back. When the confused dog stopped, I would say, “See? I just told it to be quiet.”

This week I got my bed home. Actually, there I go, lying again! It’s not really a real bed, it’s two footboards and the rails and slats, but it works just fine for me. And it was really cheap because it was the last bits and the store just wanted to get rid of it. I was all achy and sore yesterday from moving around our entire stockroom, but I just couldn’t leave it alone – the bed was sitting there, all forlorn, just waiting to be put together. So I moved my furniture all around my house, and built the sucker. This morning, when I woke up, I was two feet or so closer to the ground, and trying to see my alarm clock through the footboard. It was disorienting. But I survived.

Maybe when I clean up my room a bit (I did laundry the other day and I don’t technically have enough storage space for all my clean clothes) I will take a picture. If I remember to. But I’m probably lying, being the liar that I am.

I’ve also been trying to connect with a woman named Samina who needs her house decorated (blah), so that I can make some money (hooray!). I don’t like the thought of contracting myself out to decorate houses… but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Well, have to go and spend a few of my hard-earned dineros now. I’m going to comedy night at Broken City with some new friends. I do love this “saying yes” thing! ūüôā

I completely ran out of time while writing this. I always forget that the things which interest me sometimes tend to interest me a little bit too much, and so now, I have to leave, without finishing the post… I will finish it, though!……………


July 1 2009

I recently got a little flak for not posting in a LONG TIME… but I got really busy, and then I went out, and then there was the dog… I can do a million excuses, but I think I need to tighten my belt and get back on here.

So today is not the most opportune time to post, because it is Canada day, and I’ve promised to go out and get myself all wrapped up in Kensington, and I’ve also promised a friend to finish editing his business card and email that to him.

So, instead of sharing all about my life, I will share with you 5 things I found interesting this week:

1. Supercooling.

I did not know about this. You can do it with carbonated beverages and even water. What happens is this; say you have a beer. Say you put that beer into the freezer and pull it out at a point when it is still liquid, but really REALLY close to freezing. If you were then to pull it out, leave it unopened, and tap it with some force, the thing will freeze within a few seconds. I heard about this from a friend who witnessed it by accident and couldn’t explain it, so I HAD to Google it, and I found lots of videos,¬†but no real explanation as to what caused the phenomena.

I considered a heat draw through the glass, thinking that maybe the glass hitting the warm air somehow became some kind of super-conductor… but that was far-fetched and didn’t explain why you have to bang the bottle.¬†

So maybe it had to do with a pressure change when the beer was shaken, letting CO2 bubbles rize to the surface and creating the same type of effect that happens when a pond freezes – the top freezes first as cold water rises and the hotter water sinks. I thought that maybe because the bottle was being cooled from all sides inside the freezer, the “pond” effect, that the cooler liquid didn’t have the ability to fully coalesce (sp?) into a solid…¬†But then I realized that there can’t be a pressure change because the sealed bottle is a¬†closed system. If you could create a pressure change with a closed beer, they’d all be flat when they got off the beer truck at your local liquor depot.¬†

What I settled on after many many Goggle attempts and no real “yesses” was an amalgamation of what I had read….¬†here goes:

The “banging” of the bottle creates kinetic energy in the closed system of the bottle, triggering bubbles to form.¬†The formation of the bubbles would be an endothermic reaction (drawing heat, as opposed to an exothermic reaction, which creates heat output).¬†Because the beer is so close to freezing, the temperature shift is enough to freeze it “instantly”.¬†

Simultaneously, the formation of the carbon bubbles within the beer give ice crystals a formation point (ever notice how liquid molecules don’t neccesarily drop from the air in snow form, even though there is frost?). The sudden termperature drop combined with contact points for crystal formation could (stress the COULD) be the explanation. But I’m not a scientist. Just curious.

The reason I question myself is that I haven’t quite figured out why I found reports that it works with water as well, but there ARE gasses in distilled water, too, although not carbonation. It could be that water has to be closer to the freezing point so that the endothermic reaction could work.

Watch a beer freeze instantly here:

2. Saying YES. (Sadly, this was¬† inspired by the Jim Carey movie, “Yes Man”)

Ok. It is taking me an embarassingly long time to read “Sophie’s World” due to my recent resolution to say “yes” to more things (I mention the book because it will be my next point). Saying “yes” requires me to give up some reading time, some dog time, some blog time… . Saying “yes” is starting to wear me a little thin. But I’m having a lot of fun doing it!

Because I’ve been saying YES for about a week now, I have: picked up an extra 16 hours at work (56 hours total); designed a business card (with 20+ options) for a friend (yes, I’ll make him pay); gone to a Greek festival and painted kid’s faces; possibly got extra work with someone at the Greek festival – if I don’t hear from him soon, I will drop a letter to him, letting him know I still would like to; picked up a job which will start in a few months designing custom cabinetry; got a number and email for a woman whose name I can’t remember and forgot to contact (I promise to find it tomorrow) about doing up her house – the more P1 stuff I can use, the bigger my commission, on top of what I will charge her; got to see a free movie (Star Trek – it was gooooood); bought a raft and spent a day floating down the river (oh heaven, how I missed thee); bought a new bed ($84 after my discount!); went out with a girl from work and stayed over at her house – unexpectedly fun!; am going out tonight for Canada Day something-or-other, even though I would normally stay at home; re-connected with a friend whom I sincerely love and haven’t been seeing enough of; oh… and I am sure there are many things I am forgetting!

3. The World’s Timeline.

This timeline is laid out in “Sophie’s World”, a novel about the history of philosophy. I am reading it really slowly, but give me a break; this is the third time I’ve read it, now, and I keep getting distracted by other books, as well as being the “Yes Woman.” It can be dry, and the storyline has a catch that keeps you reading, but it can be a bit of a bore when they’re not doing their philosophy lessons… I thoroughly recommend it, though!

I wish wish wish wish wish that someone had told me the entire timeline of the world – at least an overview – before I had started Social Studies. I never really grasped the concept of time, and how long ago 100 years was… WWII could have happened 10 years before I was born, or 100 as far as I was concerned… I kind of felt like history was like floating – I didn’t really understand where it had started or where it “stopped” (stopping being the point when past meets present). Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved Egyptian and Greek history, especially, but because I had been focused on them, especially, I didn’t GET how much time and how many events, people, philosophies, and wars had happened in between the years I was interested in. Today I have to commend movies like Troy, Gladiator, even Beowulf… etc etc etc… not for their brilliant cinematics, multi-million dollar actors,¬†or ability to appeal to the masses, but for really being able to put history into some kind of perspective.

The idea is this: If the entire history of the A.D. world was laid out in terms of hours (each hour being one hundred years), this is what would have happened:

Midnight: Jesus Christ is born.

1:25 am – Paul begins his missionary journeys to Greece, etc. I always thought the dude walked with Christ, when I was a kid. He died fifteen minutes later, in Rome, at 1:40ish.

3:00 am – The Christian Church is “banned”, but thirteen minutes later, at 3:30ish, it’s ok be be a Christian again in the Roman Empire, under Constantine.

At around 3:50 am Constantine moves the capital of the Empire from Rome to Constantinople, the sea port which lies on the Black Sea. At close to the same time, he is baptized on his deathbed, and Christianity became the official religion throughout the Roman Empire. Also, the Roman Empire begins to crumble.

By just before 4:00 am, the Roman Empire had been completely divided in two – the West (with Rome at the hub) and the East (with Constantinople). Shortly after 4, Rome gets plundered by Barbarians, and about half an hour later, at 4:45, all of the Western Roman Empire basically lays in ashes. Constantinople’s side (the Eastern Empire), however, lasts until about 2:30 in the afternoon, and they changed the name to Istanbul. Quite a feat!

4:00 to 10am – The Middle Ages. One of the longest recognized epoches. (Epochs?)

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† During this time, at around 5:30 am, Plato’s Academy¬†(basically the first school, founded by the famous Greek philosopher – in which they taught maths, philosophy, and science)¬†down in Athens. During the same minute, the Benedictine order of monks was founded. Basically, Christianity was quashing Greek philosophy. Christianity now controlled education, reflection and meditation.

11am – 1pm – The High Gothic (still actually the Middle Ages) – TEN HOURS out of our 24!

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