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My pet peeves for today are:

1) toilets that don’t flush quite all the way. Such as mine. I’m a notorious non-flusher, because I like to conserve water. I have two two-litre bottles of pennies + water in my tank, which keeps the flow rate down, but even before I put them it, there’s was (and still is) a little spit-back. I can’t wait to have a toilet that wasn’t designed/installed in 1975.

2) People who jabber. I got four of them at work today. I’m looking for tile, but ___ and ___ and then what do you think about ___ and what if ____. All before I had a chance to say even a word. Drives me crazy.

3) Clutter. And I have a lot of it. A lot. I have spent the last six months in steady de-clutter mode. I still have too much stuff.

4) People who get in the way. I don’t care if you’re asking a million questions while I have something better to do, or just standing in my way when I’m trying to pass through a doorway. Take the dodge-hint! If I’m dodging, relent!

That’s it for today. Just feeling that I needed to blog something, so there you go!