You’ll notice that I occasionally blog a couple of times a day. This is because sometimes I will write something and lose interest. So here is an unpublished piece from a while ago:

Did you ever notice that in older books the word “should” has a different connotation?

“I should have regretted that, had I given in”

“I should have been no worse for the wear, if James had done so…”

“Should you like a tour of the house?”

“I would have thought to marry him, but I was too naive”

“The doctor thought I should die”


Turns out it is based on vocabulary from the 18-19th century (that’s right, we all lived in the 19th century).

If you look it up, there’s a joke about it:

An Irishman, drowning in a river after the bridge has collapsed under his horse, cries “I will drown and no one shall save me!” An English man on the shore hears him, and takes it as a statement of suicide, because an Irish man should have said “I shall drown because no one will save me!”

Oh, nerdery.