This was such a gem that I just have to share it (edited for privacy, of course!). Good God, I love this woman. The following is a series of emails from one of the best women in the world, in chronological order. I kind of want to illustrate this series…


Dear Christa

How were the holidays for you?  We had a very busy time with visiting and eating with J and R.  A few days later your mom decided that she would like to have the turkey aroma in the house. So guess what happened J and R were invited for more turkey and, of course all the delicious goodies she makes.  Hope she sent some to you.

You have, no doubt, heard that Bill is not doing well and is not expected to get better.  What an enjoyable person and at nearly 97 years also a long and happy life.  P, from what I hear, is doing really well.

I have finished all the knitting that I was doing for NL Mission, completing 5 hats and scarves and an additional 8 hats.  At this stage I am planning just what to do when your mom and stepdad go on holidays.  Don’t have too much in mind but it will possibly be more knitting of some kind.   My eyes seem to be blurring – what next –  just take what the good Lord plans for me and know that He is in charge of my coming and going.

Isn’t it surprising that I have managed to do this e-mail.  Have somewhat figured out my error.  It is too complicated to explain.  The main thing is, I am just a little bit wiser.  Do you really think so?

I seem to be at the conclusion what else to say, so again wishing you and E a very happy and bright New Year.

Will always love you,


Dear Granny,

Hooray! You figured it out! And a Happy New Year right back at’cha.

My holidays were nice and peaceful. E stayed here for Christmas; we were at friend’s for Christmas Eve and then had a quiet Christmas together. He went to Winnipeg for New Year’s with his family, which was nice for me – you know I like my “alone time”, and that is hard to get in a 500 square-foot house with two people and two dogs. I had my friend E over on the 30th and we played a game and ate chicken nuggets, and on the 31st I had a bath and read a book – a whole book. It was lovely.

Yes, mom had told me about Bill. I’m glad that he is going peacefully. From what she says he must not be in pain, since he doesn’t seem to know why he is there, or why there is a nurse. It would be kind of nice to sleep up and wake up to ice cream when you go.

You’re knitting up a storm! I can’t muster up even enough good stitches to make a presentable dish-cloth. But I can cross-stitch my own patterns, so I won’t complain.

What will you do while they are away? Maybe you can have them stock up some good movies for you in case you want to hear some background noise while you knit, and get tired of TV. And you’ll have to live without N’s cooking, of course… if I lived in that house, I would quickly forget how to cook anything!

Right now I am planning to come for a visit sometime in early February. It looks like this will now coincide with everything that is going on I don’t know if mom had told you, but I told her at Christmas that I thought I might use your Christmas gift for part of a flight there. That way I am using it for something we can all enjoy. And I get a break!

Well, I am at work and my lunch break is ending, so I should get running.

I love you very much, and I hope to see you in a month!


Dear Christa,

All is well and quiet here with your mom and step-dad away.  Not that they are noisy but like you I do like “my time” and it has been great so far not having to be concerned to having your teeth, hearing aids and all the necessary gadgets that nature has taken away from me in place.  As for cooking, I am glad that I do not have to think about that and they are doing just fine.

Waiting for your visit in early February sounds real good.  Seems like a long time for a visit  and your mom will be excited.  I think your brother J is planning to be here as well.
I am on the basement computer and it is really cold down here.  I am shivering and keep on getting double and triple letters like ssooo.  So must run and get uppstairs to waarrmmm uppp.

Love always


Hi Granny,

I’m glad you get to have some “me time” – I’m that way, too. E is good about getting out of the house so that I can be alone, otherwise I’d go a little crazy.

I need to figure out how to use my Airmiles towards a plane ticket! It always amazes me how quickly a month can pass when you know you should be doing something. It will nice to have a little vacation, though.

We had our back door replaced last week – what a nightmare that was. The contractor our landladies use is not good at what he does. We had the back door off for a good 7 hours while it was -25 outside, on a Sunday – my one day off. I was not impressed.

Other than it being cold and noisy that day, things have been pretty good. Well, I should run and get some things done. Keep enjoying your time to yourself! I love you bunches!