Artist’s dates can be with myself or with other people, but the intention is to do something creative – visit a gallery, create something (anything), or even just take a solitary walk. They should be a weekly occurrence.artist

APRIL 12 – 18, 2009

poor old bookcaseThis poor old bookcase has seen many a day. My Mumsy bought it for me when I moved out of her house and into the big world all on my lonesome. It’s moved from house to house with me, and from province to province. It used to be a wood veneer, and then I painted it white… and over the years it turned a dingy grey-ish white, complete with permanent fingerprints and scuffs.

Actually, it is one of two bookcases. Bookcase Number 2 got a facelift…. Poor bookcase Number 1 is still sitting in my computer room, awaiting the day I will invest some time in it, too.

Anyway, here is the new Number 2!

Number 2 Number 2 gets to sit in the living room. Lucky Duck!

2 x roll of Ikea wrapping paper – $6 number 2 2

1/2 can Tremclad high-gloss paint – $5

white glue $1.50

paintbrush $2




Don’t worry…. I always root for the underdog.